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"Even though we were never really gone, we are now back at full speed. I thank you all for the many messages and the understanding. The current global situation has of course also presented us with challenges. In order to master these and to meet our social responsibility, I decided with a heavy heart to concentrate on our core business first. In this way, we were able to avoid having to put employees on short-time work or even lay them off.


We are proud to start new partnerships and projects. For example, Yeeti Automotive is exclusively supplying measurement technology for the presentation of a new tire to Continental Reifen Deutschland, thus further expanding our existing work in this area as well.

In addition, we have now founded our own motorsport team, Yeeti Racing, with which we can prove and further increase the performance of our measurement technology. 


One highlight - in addition to our new products - is certainly our NextGeneration Racing Car project, which will be launched with a completely new and optimized drive system from (planned) 2022 and will improve the efficiency as well as the sustainability of our beloved sport start.

Thanks for the great support from you guys and your great understanding. Take a look at what we have been up to lately and be excited for the time to come!"

Christian Büch, CEO - Büch.IT




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